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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Freudian Slip Of The Day

I am an avid listener of NPR. I have it programmed on the first preset in my van as well as my wife's car. I listen to it in the morning on my commute in to work and in the evening on my way back home. And it is on pretty much any other time I drive too.

Today morning, they had an interview with a couple of people. One of them was arguing for repeal of the military's don't ask don't tell policy and advocating for the right of openly gay and lesbian people to serve in the military. The other one was a bigoted moron who was arguing for not even having don't ask don't tell, just kick the gays and lesbians out and be done with it.

Now, don't get me started on the issue of gay rights in this country. This is the same country that drove the native Americans into reservations, had slavery, had segregation and Jim Crowe laws when they couldn't get away with slavery, and had laws on the books in several states that prohibited interracial marriages. So, you can get off your high horse now about how this country stands for equality, liberty and all the other nice things that it stands for when it is convenient to stand for them.

Anyways, when you look back at this history, you really get the feeling that these people were backward and uncivilized, and oh so stupid. Prohibit interracial marriages?? What were these people thinking, exactly? Obviouly they weren't. I am pretty sure 50 to 100 years from now, gay marriages will be as common as regular marriages in all parts of the civilized world (I am obviously not including backwater slums like the middle east, but that is another discussion for another day), and people will look back at the stupid arguments wracking this issue in the US and think we were really backward and uncivilized. In the meantime, the stupid arguments against gay marriage keep flying. What an insane waste of time.

So, as I was saying, these people were arguing their points and this anti-gay moron wouldn't let the other person get a word in edge-wise. The interviewer tried valiantly to keep the piece neutral, but it was obvious that the piece was just becoming a mouth-piece for this big-mouth. The interviewer finally put an end to the whole thing and while giving the affiliations of the people involved in the piece, started to say that the anti-gay person was representing an organization called the Center for Military Readiness. But it almost came out as Center for Military Rednecks before the host caught herself and said it correctly. It was hilarious and I thought it should make it into my blog as the Freudian Slip Of the Day.

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