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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Husband Of The Year Awards

The winners were announced in the wife-carrying competition in Finland earlier today. I thought it would be appropriate to announce the winners of this year's Husband Of The Year Competition right afterwards! Congratulations to all the winners!! Without further ado, let us get to the results!!!

Honorable mention goes to the husband below:

Another honorable mention goes to this man:

And then we have this man, who missed out on a prize by a whisker!

The third-prize winner in this year's competition is the worse half of this romantic couple! Hey, he is even holding her hand, I told you they were a romantic couple!!

The proud runner-up is the driver of this tractor. He is also in contention for the Dad of the Year, Son of the Year and Brother of the Year awards to be announced later this year!

And the Grand Winner in this year's competition... Drumroll please ... Here he is!!

Good luck to the other contenders. Keep up the good work, and perhaps you will win in the next year!

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