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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Think Your Day Has Been Bad? It Could Have Been Worse!

This is a sequence of photographs that shows how your day could have been worse - much worse!

So, you lost control of your car and ended up driving off the road, into the water. Now that the tow truck is here, things are starting to look up! At least you are uninjured, you managed to crawl out of the car and the water is shallow enough that you can stand on top of your submerged car without problems.

Now your car is coming out of the water.

It is almost out. Seems mostly undamaged, except for all the water pouring out of it. Maybe it is salvageable after all!

WTF?! Who is the idiot tow-truck driver who did not know how to park his truck properly for doing the job correctly? And does it have to fall on top of your car?!

Great, now there is a car AND a tow-truck in the water. Time to call a bigger tow-truck!

There is the second tow-truck. Looks like things are back under control. Your car is out of the water - again!

The car is pretty much on terra firma now! Hooray!!

Time to get the other tow-truck out of the water.

Time to put the whole episode behind you and chalk it up to a little bit of bad luck!

Not so fast! Time to start the process all over again! Do they make bigger tow-trucks? Maybe it is time to cut your losses and leave these two in the water! Or do you want to tempt fate and see if your day can get any worse?

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