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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Funny, Weird, Strange Signs From Around The World

This is a bunch of funny, strange, weird, misspelt and/or easily misunderstandable signs from around the world. Thanks to various people for donating to the collection. Hope you enjoy!

I guess that is close enough as long as you can understand what the purpose of the sign is!

Well, you can read and understand what it says, can't you? That is probably how it should be spelt anyways!!

Now, this one, I am sure the nice people sitting inside will be kind enough to explain to you what to expect and what not to expect here!

Now, this was a little harder to figure out! The secret is to say it fast and remember that we are talking about a food outlet here!!

Now, that is called being explicit! No room for confusion there!!

Lots of room(s) for confusion here! I certainly don't want to be here when a fire breaks out!!

You better keep very well left, or perhaps a little right might be better!

I haven't seen these admonitions even at the entrances to scary roller-coaster rides! I must certainly try a ride on this road some time in my life!! Or perhaps not!!!

Now, this seems honest enough! I guess they see no point in promising relief when none is in sight!!

But wait, there is more complete, unvarnished honesty in store here! Looks like they had extra plaques lying around that they did not have any idea how to dispose of!!

I guess that doesn't leave much room for misinterpretation!

And neither does this! Please notice the courtesy of this notice with the "Please" at the beginning!!

Maybe they were trying to conserve space by mounting two unrelated signs on the same signpost! Either that or they have a really bad artist!!

On the other hand, the artist here leaves little to the imagination! Horned, jumping baboons would be much better!!

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