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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some Intentionally Funny Street Signs

Here are some street signs that highlight the designers' senses of humor! More signs like these would make long road trips a lot more bearable. Enjoy!!

This Sign Has Sharp Edges
Dear Crossing
Old Horses, Blind Horses, Unruly Kids
Parking Spot Reserved For Drunk Drivers
Stop And Smell The Roses Sign
Emergency Stopping Only, Not For Whale Watching Sign
Slow Down Or Die Sign
School Speed Limit Between Precise Times
14 and a half MPH Speed Limit Sign
Elephants Should Cross Two At A Time Sign

Twists And Turns, Just Kidding Sign
Donkey Crossing $10 per Donkey Sign
Big Foot Crossing Precautionary Sign
Our Squirrels Can't Tell One Kind Of Nut From Another Sign


Carl Patten said...

I laughed the most about the animal signs on stainless steel strapping! Probably the sign that crept me out the most would be the 'big foot' crossing sign. I wonder if it really exists, the sign I mean LOL. I'd probably laugh when I see another sign on steel strapping after seeing your blog! Nice post and keep it up!

Anny said...

The signs you have posted are looking great and really useful to control traffic on the busy roads. These signs will definitely help you to impose traffic rules and regulations on the drivers.

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