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Friday, December 4, 2009

Some Brutally Honest Street Signs

Here are some street signs that are just being brutally honest. Sometimes the placement of the sign makes it funny. Sometimes, you have to wonder whether the sign is necessary at all, given its placement. And then there are signs that are just ironic or funny because of the juxtaposition of the elements on them. At least one of the signs below would be better off as paperback book!

I am not sure why the people who put up the signs did not find them funny or superfluous. Maybe they did, and they decided to leave the sign up out of whimsy! Good for them!!

Hope you also find them funny! Enjoy!!

welcome to connecticutt birthplace of george w. bush we apologize
water on road when raining
welcome to arkansas home of sex offender clinton
tree in the center of the road ahead
sidewalk ends sign
this light never turns green
beware of road surprises
equality richville sign
fasten safety belts and remove dentures
earth one way sudan the other way
end of earth in 2 miles sign
very long and confusing prohibition sign
beyond hope street
lodging state prison next right
absolutely nothing next 22 miles
police department lazy lane
no vehicles beyond this point
emergency telephone 174 km ahead

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