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Friday, December 11, 2009

Street Signs That Make You Go "Huh?"!

Here are some street signs that will have you doing a double or triple-take. They will leave you scratching your head for a while, and going "Huh?"! Hope you like them, but never actually encounter signs like these in your travels!! Enjoy!!!

Confusing Directions With Red, Black And White Arrows on Signs and Road
Wrong Way Go Back Sign
Left and right turn both lead to Katima MuliloI guess this proves that all roads lead to Katima Mulilo!

Highways towards right, one way towards left sign
Keep right, arrow points left
Keep Right sign along with left turn sign
One Way Both Ways sign
No Bicycle Riding in Subway Tunnel sign
Right turn allowed, except for policeLooks like a good turn to make if you want to get away from the police!

Caution No Warning Signs sign
confusing sign with child, ball, house and adult
arrows allow bicycles on road and cars in water
Sign prohibiting something to do with sheepI don't even want to speculate about what would prompt someone to put up a sign like the above!

Contradictory and confusing parking restrictions on signs
No parking above this sign
Entrance only, do not enter sign
Stop sign with no stopping any time under it
Sidewalk closed use other side on both sides
Secret Nuclear Bunker on public signMaybe they shoot everyone who drives past this sign!

This last one is not a sign, but you better hope for divine intervention if you encounter a signal like this one in your travels! Good luck navigating this one!!

Enormous, confusing traffic signal with a few hundred lights on it

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