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Friday, January 15, 2010

More Street Signs To Make You Smile!

Here are some more street signs that will put a smile on your face!

They left out a few dozen other dangers, but maybe they will get to those when they have the time to work on this sign some more!
baghdad 89 km
Is it a good idea to be making the moose overconfident with signs like these?!
moose damages car
Hmm, a whole map on a street sign! Interesting concept!!
confusing map on sign along with good luck
I am sure there is an interesting story behind this name! Unfortunately, the sign is too small to explain it to us!!
Bear Bottom Drive
Maybe they should have sotpped and checked their work more frequently!
sotp sign
If they had gone to shcool, this might not have happened!
shcool sign
Well, I am sure they mean the other right!
look right with arrow towards left
. . . Or you have a very unusual driving posture!
you have had an accident upside down sign

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