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Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Humorous Signs From Restaurants

These signs demonstrate the (sometimes twisted) sense of humor these restaurant and/or bar owners have! I hope the food in some of these places is half as good as the sense of humor seems to be! Enjoy!!

First, the truth about beer!
beer: helping ugly people
The fact that it is cheap doesn't hurt either!
drink don't drive
And if you can't afford even cheap, maybe you can get some for free!!
no shirt no service
Another example of different prices for different people!!!
prices subject to change
Some bars double as daycare centers too!
husband creche
And, after the drinking comes the fun . . .!!
express lane urinal
Just so we are absolutely clear on that . . .!
We don't serve women
Another sign that tries to simplify things to make everything crystal clear!!
The Grill
I guess my hope for good food is not going to come true at least at this establishment! Talk about low expectations!!
hot beer, lousy food, bad service

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