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Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Uneventful Week

This was one of those weeks when a lot of small things happened, but no one thing stands out in my mind as defining this week. Everything, both at work and at home, just seemed to flow without any unnecessary turbulence, and I was carried along on the flow without being subject to any bumps, bruises or other unpleasantness! If all my weeks were like this, I might give up documenting them in this blog!!

My work week had a few meetings, but none of them were too onerous or painful. People were civil to each other and things got done. At least, people promised they would do things and until they don't get done, you can't complain much about it. My manager left me alone for most of the week, and that is always a good sign that things are not too far off course (or he is so busy fighting fires of his own that he has no time for me, and when the fires overwhelm him, they will be dumped on me unceremoniously!).

Nothing happened to disrupt my by now well-established blog-post publishing schedule. Monday was reserved for a post on Access, Tuesday was set aside for the second part of my first short story. Unfortunately, I never did receive any feedback about the story, good or bad. Wednesday I came out with another installment of Vedic Mathematics lessons. Thursday, I reposted a PCWorld article about the 10 worst video-game systems ever. And on Friday, I put together a post with some funny signs, put up by officials in charge of things like zoos, etc.

I did not have anything planned for Saturday, but Barack Obama's state of the union address on Wednesday gave me some ideas. Initially, I just wanted to collect some basic statistics about the speech and publish them for the benefit of others looking for such information, but over time, I really got into it. I ended up doing some pretty detailed word frequency analysis to come up with some pretty detailed statistics about the speech and that became my post for Saturday.

The flag counter on my blog still grows, quite contrary to my expectations. The new flag for this week is from Suriname. Another improbable flag like the new flags for the past few weeks. But, I will of course take whatever I can get! I now have 99 flags in my widget.
The hobbitt
Things at home were equally uneventful. I ate well, I exercised regularly, I slept well. My kids behaved well, my wife took good care of me. I guess in the short term, it is hard to ask for more. I started reading the book "The Hobbit" by J. R. R. Tolkien. It is an amazing classic, but the first thing that struck me when I started reading it was Bilbo Baggins' aversion to adventures. Yes, I did not have any adventures this past week, but adventures can be quite inconvenient and painful. Perhaps adventures are over-rated like so many other things in life!

Yesterday and today, I have been busy putting together many of the posts that will be published to my blog in the coming week. I am putting the finishing touches on another work of fiction (this time, it really is going to be a short story that will fit in one blog post!) that will go out on Tuesday. Now, it is time for me to take care of the laundry, have dinner, do the dishes, etc. Here is to hoping the coming week is as uneventful as the one just past . . .!

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