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Friday, February 12, 2010

10 Signs That Should Have Been Rated R!

Most of these signs are unintended, but you do have to wonder whether the people who put up the sign really never read them!

We will start with an R-rated sign for a seemingly X-rated movie!

spy kids blow pokemon
you may get sucked off
Thank goodness they don't have a blower at this car-wash!

best hand job in town
dick cleaners
I wonder if this is better or worse than being shot for trespassing!

unauthorized persons will have their balls removed
I think one can safely surmise that this restaurant owner is not a native English speaker!

Fuk Mi restaurant
This warning sign is not unintended, and makes no pretense of not being explicit! But it seems to be going for the humor value . . .

Keep out unless you have really big boobs
As opposed to these two signs that seem to be going for the shock value, I guess!

beware of pickpockets
do not hump

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