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Friday, February 19, 2010

11 Signs More Likely To Raise Questions Than Answer Them!

Some of these signs are simply a result of poor translation. You can make out what some of them mean, but some others are quite mystifying!

welcom turist we spik inglish sign
for restrooms go back towards your behind sign
don't fall down sign
toilet stay in car
don't shoot kids at play
This sign was definitely designed by someone who was unclear on the concept!

parking for drive-thru service only sign
It is Taco Bell, after all!

taco bell now hiring all shits sign
Perhaps, they should have put up the sign below instead!

eat here and get gas sign
This definitely sounds worse than anything Taco Bell could dish up!

diesel fried chicken sign
I swear, I will try, but there are all these drivers honking at me to get a move on while I am trying to memorize these directions . . .!

please follow one way signs
This is probably the most drunk-friendly place in the world! I wonder, though, if the sign makes any difference if the drivers are equally drunk!!

drunken people crossing beware sign

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