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Friday, February 26, 2010

11 Tongue-in-Cheek Signs To Make You Smile!

Here are some signs that are not to be taken too literally. They are just light-hearted, whimsical expressions of the sense of humor of the person who put up the sign! Enjoy!!

The first couple are a bit long, but well worth it!

gary's weather forecasting stone
learn chinese in 5 minutes
stress reduction kit
Sensible advice from the next few signs, I feel!

This machine has no brain use your own

in case of fire . . .
push button or yell for help
I wonder if they are still taking new customers!

insured by mafia
Interesting - I didn't know I could get a refund if these turned out to be defective!

insert baby for refund
These last two are not only light-hearted and whimsical, but they are sexist too! What could be better?!!

seat for bored husbands
give it to your wife label

1 comment:

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