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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

12 More Weird Mice You Have Probably Never Seen!

Last week I introduced you to more than a dozen odd-looking, whimsically designed mice in this post. Here are a few more such odd-looking mice with no special functions or properties except that they catch the eye (sometimes favorably, sometimes not!).

Scream mouseYou should probably not try to scare your coworkers with the Scream mouse except on halloween!

Ghost mouseThe same goes for the ghost mouse too! Together they form the yin and yang of mice!!

minty mouseIf you are into food, this altoids mouse might appeal to you . . .

hamburger mouseOn the other hand, if you crave for something more filling, maybe the burger mouse will fit the bill better!

pig mouseYou can try your hands on a porky mouse, and see what it feels like to squish out a pig's eyes every time you need to click!

heart mouseThis would make an ideal Valentine's day gift (if you want your significant other to develop wrist problems quickly)!

grenade mouseMice modeled after common household objects. What, you don't have a grenade at home?!!

furnace mouseWell, hopefully, you at least have a furnace at home!

mus2 point and click mouseThis is the Mus2 optical mouse, shaped like a mouse cursor! Get it?

city and village mouseThis weird-looking contraption is supposed to be an ergonomic mouse. Don't ask me, I didn't design it!

stone mouseFor the nature-lovers among us, there is the stone mouse . . .

bamboo mouse. . .Or the bamboo mouse!

If you have seen other weird-looking shapes or other external features for normal mice which perform normal functions, don't hesitate to sound off by posting comments!

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