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Thursday, February 18, 2010

14 Weird Mice You Have Probably Never Seen!

world's weirdest miceA computer mouse is one of the most useful accessories ever invented. It is also one of the simplest. This simplicity (some way to register the movement of the mouse and transmit it to the computer so that the mouse pointer can be moved in sync with the mouse, and a couple of buttons to send specific inputs to the computer in the form of click actions) has inspired people to design computer mice to suit various tastes.

In this gallery of weird mice, all the mice perform the same function, in pretty much the same way. There is nothing special about them except for the actual shape in which the mechanism of the mouse is housed. Bravo to the designers of these mice for making something so simple so interesting!

Pat Says Now female torso mouseThe Torso-Mouse in which each breast is a mouse button. And though the mouse comes clothed for modesty, the manufacturer claims that the mouse needs to be disrobed for it to work correctly!

knuckle mouseThe knuckle-mouse where your (hopefully) real fingers press down on fake fingers to get things done . . .

The Boss mouseThis may be a good gift for your boss, but then, maybe not . . .!

Mario Bros Dot Design mouseMario-mouse made to look like it made from lego blocks. Can you say ergonomic nightmare?!

cybergun mouseOh yeah, this should go over well with security at your office, school, college or wherever you choose to take it and use it!

Realbug mouseThis is the ideal mouse for people who don't encounter any computer bugs when using their computers. They can then admire the real bug embedded in the mouse (don't worry, it is dead)!

Soccer ball mouseA couple of mice for sports fans - first, the soccer ball mouse . . .

basketball mouse. . . and this is the basketball mouse!

Plastic Mouse mouseThis mouse is ideal for people who take things too literally - a cute mouse mouse!

Dead Mouse mouseIf you prefer the look and feel of the real thing though (for people who take things literally and then some), you can have mouse covered in fur too!

Car MouseFor the car enthusiast in you . . .

Shiny car mouseOr you can get one of these if you are into cars with shiny lights!

rocket mouseBut if cars are too slow for your taste, you can always try out the rocket mouse!

helmet mouseAnd remember to protect your mouse with a helmet when the speeds become extreme . . .

If you have seen other weird-looking shapes or other external features for normal mice which perform normal functions, don't hesitate to sound off by posting comments!

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