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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

15 Weird Mice You Have Probably Never Used!

world's weirdest mouseUnlike the mice in the previous galleries (here and here), these are mice that not only look weird, but also have some extra functionality that makes them doubly weird.

Some of these mice may be required in specialized professions that require precision cursor control, but many of them seem to have been designed by people who just went overboard trying to cram functionality into a normal mouse. Some of the extra functionality may have sounded good on paper, but the popularity of these mice is a testament to how not everything that looks good on paper eventually pans out in practice!

This is a gallery of some of the weirdest functions crammed into a mouse. If you know of any others, don't hesitate to sound off in the comments!

skype phone mousesony vn cx1 skype phone mouseThese first two mice are fully functional Skype phones in addition to being regular computer mice. Obviously, the first one allows you to use the phone to call regular phones also while the second relies on you using your computer's keyboard to dial phone numbers.

Adesso akp-170 keypad mouseThis Adesso AKP-170 mouse comes built in with a fully functional numeric keypad. Ideal for use with laptops that don't usually have numeric keypads as part of their keyboards!

Canon LS-100 TKM mouseThis Canon LS-100TKM mouse takes the numeric keypad one step further. Introducing the calculator mouse. Yes, the mouse comes with a built-in calculator, including and LCD display.

clock mouseThis is obviously a mouse that has an elegant timepiece built into it. How you will be able to look at the time when you are busy holding the mouse to surf the web is not yet fully understood!

World of Warcraft mouseThis is a SteelSeries World Of Warcraft mouse. Yes, a mouse dedicated to WoW addicts that need more than a normal mouse can ever provide for them. The mouse comes with 15 programmable buttons (yes, you would ideally operate this mouse with 3 hands!), and 16 million illumination choices with 3 intensities and pulsation levels.

asustek vito w1 mouseThe ASUSTek Vito W1 mouse keeps track of your heart rate and reports it to an application on your computer. This might make an ideal second mouse if you are addicted to WoW and already have the WoW mouse!

Zero Tension Mouse
This is definitely the mouse for those who prefer the feel of a joystick rather than a regular mouse. It is called the Zero Tension Mouse and is designed specifically for sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome, so that their hand, wrist, arm and shoulder can relax completely while using this mouse.

hanwang t&mouseThe Hanwang T&Mouse comes with a stylus which can be used on the touch-sensitive pad built into the top surface of the mouse to create precise drawings on the computer screen. Imagine, you could turn in hand-written computer documents using this mouse!

qritek iribio mouseThe Qritek IRIBIO mouse comes with its own iris-scan biometric authentication system. Just pick up the mouse and peer into it to sign on to your computer or websites you visit!

zalman fg-1000 mouseAn alternative to biometric authentication is to make your data readily available to anyone - if they can figure out how to use your mouse to access it! Enter the Zalman FG-1000 FPSGun mouse. You can even have fun at office parties challenging one and all to figure out how you left-click with this mouse!

thanku kinniku mouseThe Thanku Kinniku mouse comes with a set of electrodes that is supposed to stimulate your muscles and/or relax them by delivering small electric shocks to them as you use your mouse. It may not be a good idea to let your colleagues sit at your desk and use your mouse for any reason if you use one of these!

LED Message mouseThe LED Message Mouse comes with a fan to cool your sweaty palm during heavy mouse use. It also has LED's that can display cool messages on the fans of this built-in fan!

Konami Pop'n Music BeMouseThe Konami Pop'n Music Be-Mouse was designed originally to allow one to play Pop'n Music, a Japanese rhythm game, without having to take your hands off your mouse. Its numerous programmable buttons can be used to trigger other actions on your computer if you grow tired of the game!

Fanatec Headshot UbermouseThis is the fanatec headshot Ubermouse. I am sure it has a special purpose, but looking at it does not jog my memory. Does it jog yours? If so, write back to me and tell me what I am looking at here! You can also tell me what other weird mice I have missed by commenting on this post!!

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