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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

15 More Weird Mice You Have Probably Never Used!

This is the second installment of weird mice with weird functionalities built into them. The first installment of such mice can be found here. Don't forget to let me know about more weird mice using the comment space! Enjoy!!

I Contact mouseThis takes the cake for weird functionality very easily. The mouse is actually a contact lens that you wear in your eye! Yes, once you get used to that, the rest is easy - you just blink in different ways to control what your mouse does!!

IOGear anti-bacterial mouseThis IOGear mouse is coated with Titanium Oxide and silver nano-particles. It is an antibacterial mouse whose coating prevents germs from being able to survive and grow on the surface.

Belkin washable mouseThis Belkin washable mouse takes it one step further by being completely spill proof. You can get rid of spills on this mouse as well as the germs on it simply by running it under a faucet to clean it off. No word yet on whether the mouse is dishwasher-safe!

Microsoft natural mouseIn addition to being an ergonomic fit for your hands to reduce strain, this Microsoft Natural Laser Mouse has built-in 4-way scrolling and a magnifier button to enlarge text and digital imagery for precision work!

CP-1 Microphone mouseThis is a spy mouse. This CP-1 mouse has a condenser mic hidden inside it, so it can record conversations around it. I am sure you have a new respect for the mouse on your colleagues' desks now!

Space Explorer mouseThis is the Space Explorer mouse, which is quite popular in the 3D design field. It certainly is weird looking, but once you master it, you will be able to click on a single pixel if necessary. Who needs a big old "X" in the top right corner of the window when a pixel would do just as well?!!

Soap mouseIntroducing the Soap, an optical mouse with mid-air functionality. It supposedly "consists of an optical sensor device moving freely inside a hull made of fabric." Yeah, I know, I have no idea how you control the mouse precisely while everyone around you is splitting their seams laughing at you trying to control your mouse cursor with a ball of cloth in your hand!

Slim MouseThe slim mouse is constructed to be slim enough to be folded and stored in the memory card slot of your laptop. When you need to use it, unfold it, attach the included USB cord to the computer and you are good to go.

Ring MouseThe ring mouse would make an ideal accessory in case you have the habit of suddenly falling in love with colleagues and feeling an overwhelming need to propose, but have no other ring handy!

NES Controller Mouse ModIf you have an old NES controller lying around, along with lots of free time and the desire to impress all your geeky friends, you can make this mouse yourself. Its ergonomics are a little suspect, but it may come in handy if you play any NES games ported over to the PC!

Nintendo Powerglove mouse modAlong the same lines, this is a Nintendo powerglove modified into a fully functioning mouse by Zerosign. Enough said . . .

Wowpen mouseThe Wowpen features an ergonomic pen shape that makes it easier to use for those with repetitive stress injuries. It also enables one to have more precision control over the mouse cursor than with more normal mice.

Foot mouseThis is the only mouse I know of that is designed to be operated entirely with your feet. The left pad controls the cursor while the right pad provides click functionality! I guess with this one, there is very little danger of you picking up your mouse and hurling it at your computer screen out of frustration!

Finger MouseThis finger-mouse straps onto your index finger and uses an optical sensor to track your pointing. You click with your thumb, which also controls a scroll wheel!

Alien MouseThe Alien Mouse is another ergonomic mouse. In addition to its shape though, this mouse also vibrates your hand, relaxing your muscles for a more enjoyable computer use session!

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