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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Frantic Week

This was one of those weeks that just wouldn't give me any free time whatsoever! Work was very busy because we were coming up on a deadline, and one of my colleagues is on vacation this coming week, so the work had to be completed last week.

The work involved processing a large amount of data. The IT department was late in giving us access to the data, and we had to hurry up through the processing of it. As is normal with any large quantity of data, the data had holes and inconsistencies that we had to clean up as we went along. It was a fun exercise that had me staying late at work on more than one day last week.

The couple of days I actually did manage to get off work on time, I had other problems. Twice last week, I had to pick up a friend of my daughters' from her home and bring her to mine to have a play-date and/or sleepover with my daughters. And the sleepovers themselves kept me busy, having to keep an eye on them and get them to bed at the proper time, etc.

It was so hectic, and I was so exhausted by Saturday that I did not even feel like writing anything at all. Instead, I surfed a bunch of websites by allowing Google Blogger to serve up random blogs to my browser. I decided my random surfing might actually be an interesting post in itself, so I actually ended up writing, but it was quite spontaneous and sudden!

Until Saturday night, no visitor from a new country had visited my blog this week. I was thinking that not having a new country on my flag counter widget was another reason not to write today, but a new visitor did show up late on Saturday. The visitor was from Guatemala, and that is the 115th country on my blog's flag counter. I decided I had to write up at least a short post because of this development.

But, on Sunday, I had to take my daughters to a singing performance they had. The singing lasted for all of 20 minutes or so (and my daughters were part of a group, so they did not even sing by themselves for 20 minutes), but the drive each way to where they were performing took 40 minutes. So, that ate up all my time on Sunday evening. Most of Sunday morning was also taken up getting them prepared for the singing by monitoring their practice sessions, etc.

Finally, I have about 20 minutes before bed-time, and I have decided to put something together quickly before I give up on it entirely.

I skipped my usual Thursday post on my blog because of the severe time-crunch. It was the one post I just couldn't get to either during the day or during last weekend. I decided to skip the day even though I had an idea for it, and decided I would do it the coming week instead. So, on Monday, I put together a post on calculating statistics with grouping in Microsoft Access. On Tuesday, I published a post on ugly technology products, and on Wednesday, I concluded my series of posts on polynomial division (yes, this coming week, I move on to a whole new topic). On Friday, I published another set of humorous church signs. Then on Saturday, I was not planning on publishing anything, but decided to chronicle my random surfing in the form of a blog post with a list of blogs I had skimmed that day.

I am hoping my workload at work comes down a bit this week compared to the week that was. That would be the only way I can put together any posts for my blog this coming week. I am thinking of doing a blog post on tax-related jokes in honor of tax month that starts on Thursday. And that reminds me that I have yet to do my taxes this year. I have to find some time within the next couple of weeks to do that too! It is already getting very late, so I will conclude this post with that sobering, or perhaps even, depressing thought!!

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