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Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Am Too Busy Reading To Write!

This is a blog post that almost did not happen. I have started doing something too fascinating to stop, and focus on writing blog posts. I have started reading J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I finished reading the author's "The Hobbit" about 3 weeks back. It was an absolutely fascinating read. It was really a book that was hard to put down once I started to read it. Now, I have just started reading "The Fellowship of the Ring", and it is equally fascinating.

I have obviously watched all three movies in the trilogy and enjoyed them tremendously. But, it is difficult, if not impossible, for a movie to capture all the rich detail that is present in the actual book. I picked up the book last week, and the first 40 or so pages was a tough slog with the author going into all kinds of details that are not relevant to the story. This material is presented as some kind of historical context about hobbits in general.
The Fellowship of the Ring Book
Once the actual story started, I could barely put the book down to go to sleep, to go to work or do any of my chores! The prose is practically lyrical, and the story line is so involved and detailed. Since I have already watched the movies, it is not any suspense that keeps me turning page after page. It is the language itself and all the details that are left out of the movie that make the book so fascinating. I regret not having read this trilogy much earlier! Just to give you an incentive to read the book even if you have seen the movie, I will just mention a character that did not make it to the movie: Tom Bombadil. If you are curious, you have to pick up and read the book now!
The Fellowship of the Ring DVD
Thanks to my good advanced preparation of posts for my blog, my publishing did not suffer much while I was immersed in this book. I managed to put out on my regular schedule a post on working with system tables in Access, a post on weird mice that do weird things, a post on quartic equations, a story based on a dream I had, and a post with humorous church signs.

My blog continues to attract new visitors from new countries. I had two new countries added to my flag counter widget this week. One of them, the widget could not classify in terms of country, so it added it to my counter as from "Unknown country". The other new country was Morocco. This now makes 109 countries represented in my flag counter widget. Maybe this week will be when my widget stops growing, but given how it has defied expectations ever since I got past about 80 flags, I am not betting on that or holding my breath!

My daughters performed at a singing program yesterday. It turned into quite a marathon of a program because of a delayed start and some unexpected detours in the program itself. My daughters did pretty well, but my elder daughter came down with the beginnings of a cold on Friday that affected her performance to some extent. The sound system in the auditorium was quite atrocious with constant feedback, non-working microphones, and other interruptions to the performance. Given all these factors, my daughters' performance was quite good. We left home right after lunch and came back only around 9 PM (luckily dinner was included in the program, so that was not a problem).

And I took my book with me, so my reading did not suffer greatly during this program either!

Today, I worked out several math problems as part of the preparations for my next post on Vedic Mathematics. So, I managed to get through only about 20 pages of the book today. Now, it is time to get back to it and finish a few more pages (preferably chapters!) before it is time to drag myself to bed. So, this will have to do as far as this post is concerned.

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