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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Still Don't Have Internet Access

Yes, the headline says it all. As I wrote yesterday, my DSL modem is down and I have no internet access of my own. AT&T's promise of next-day delivery did not hold up. Let us hope that their other promises about the cost of the modem and my one-year upgrade (as detailed in yesterday's post) hold up!

In the meantime, I am borrowing internet access from neighbors who have unsecured wireless networks! Unfortunately, the connections are quite slow and unreliable. So, I am going to have to make this very quick and short.

I did get one extra flag on my blog this week also. The newest flag is from the Dominican Republic. That makes the total 110 countries.

I wrote and published posts on retrieving field information from tables in Access, another installment of weird computer mice, a lesson on polynomial division, a humorous piece about employee performance reports, and another collection of humorous church signs. I also wrote up an account of my losing my internet connectivity because of modem failure and how my call with AT&T to get it replaced went!

I spent most of yesterday hoping against hope that the replacement modem would indeed be delivered to me, but it never did come. I am now busy putting together my posts for next week as local text files. One of them involves a lot of graphics which I have to create myself. That has taken up most of the morning. And losing an hour of time to the daylight savings time switch didn't help matters any either! Because of my poor internet connectivity, I will probably have to do the actual posting only tomorrow, from work.

Now, it is time for me to check a little bit of email and go back to working offline!

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