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Friday, March 19, 2010

A Dozen Signs That May Make You Scratch Your Head!

Some of these signs weren't really meant to be funny or confusing. But they turned out to be just the same! All the better for us, I guess!! Enjoy!!!

amigone funeral homeI think I think, therefore I think I am . . .

highly recommended by ownerNice try!

babies and children: buy 2 get 3 freeActually, I don't think I can afford that many, but thanks anyways . . .

long no smoking signWell, at least I am allowed to commit war crimes, thank goodness for that . . .

please use other door signI would have love to have witnessed the incident that led to the second sign being put up!

this is not a phoneHello, can anyone hear me now? What about now??

marriage license bureau mental health department signsMakes sense, but don't tell my wife!

nasty buffetAll lights are created equal, but some lights are more equal than others!

safety first at gun clubHuh!??

no swimming in this areaIf you really insist. I mean, it looks so inviting. Can I at least dip my toes in?! Pretty please . . .

satan's kingdom state recreation areaI dare not ask about the price of admission!

soccer only in archery rangeTalk about a dangerous game!

unlevel playing fieldAt least, hopefully it won't be as bad as trying to play soccer on this field!

I know, there are 13 pictures in this post, but only 12 of them are signs that may make you scratch your head. Consider the last photograph a bonus! Hope you liked them all!!

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