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Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Random Blogs Did I Browse Through Today?

Yes, I decided that it might be vaguely interesting to go through some random blogs by hitting the "Next Blog" button on the Blogger bar starting with my own blog. I was surprised by the randomness and variety of blogs I encountered on my little round of the blogs today. I decided I would surf from blog to blog until I encountered the same blog twice. I was quite surprised by the number of blogs I surfed before I came to a repeat.

Most of the blogs were personal, family blogs. Only a few seemed to be either professionally oriented, or highly opinionated. The vast majority of the blogs were in English. My comments about some of the blogs are in italics. Many of the blogs had very nice, interesting photographs!

Without further ado, here are the blogs I encountered during my random browsing. I have provided the name of the blog, and the header paragraph that introduces the blog to its readers (if there was one).

Legal Point
A mouth piece for common man A place of legal knowldge A platform for discussing legal issues

Science And Technology On The Hill
Welcome to Science and Technology on the Hill. Could your technology move markets if only the government changed its regulations, legislation, rules, or practices? You need to be informed to make that happen. Or you may be a policy maker sorting out the long-term strategies for education, funding, and privacy issues. We'll give you the latest in science and technology that affects policy making.

ProActive Rants
Got a beef with meat, tired of bad service from those that are paid good public or private money to protect your interests? This is the whistle blowing place to vent your rant and point of view to make them visible and accountable.

Midwatch Cowboy
You're not the senior most OOD, nor the most experienced. But the CO feels that when he's fast asleep, you can tell when things are getting out of hand. And you'll pick up the phone. Congratulations, you're the Midwatch Cowboy. "Maneuvering, Conn, shut up and push."

Marine Historian
The author is a high school history teacher and Marine reservist whose mission is to help document Marine Corps history as it occurs. This blog contains some of his personal observations and reflections as he works to document the role of the Marine Corps in the global war on terror. The opinions herein are his alone and should not be construed as those of the United States Marine Corps or Department of Defense.

Bob Simrak Photography

Assoluta Tranquillita

Fuzzilicious Thinking
The wartime thoughts of a "Fuzzybear Lioness..."
USO girl, Soldiers' Angel, Sheepdog caretaker and proud American

Steven Kiel
Army Reservist

Sharfa's Space

Richard's MIL BLOG from Fort Lewis
LTC Richard Phillips' MIL BLOG discussing today's Army and the facts of life pre and post deployment.

Disinformation and Xenophobia in Western Media
The Institute for Media Ethics is convinced that the honesty or dishonesty of media affects the mental health of the world. Freedom of expression is vital as a means of permitting all views to flourish peacefully. It is a cliché that the price of this freedom must be continual vigilance – in particular vigilance to identify and expose the encouragement of malice, war and the incident of hate speech and image.

New Monastic Individuals
"…there is no sin but ignorance." -- Christopher Marlowe, "Jew of Malta" (c. 1589)

One (Syrian) Disobedient Mofo
The One & Only Disobedient Mofo, A.K.A Fidel KashFlo, The Last One Standing, 47, G-Killa, SyrialKilla, Da Upsettor, Da Last Real G Alive & SteelBallz amongst other names. In here I keep it real, and prove you wrong yet again. What U read in here is not my opinion, it is the truth. Enjoy Yourselves with some O.D.M Wisdome...(((WARNING: READING ON MAY CAUSE SELF RE-EVALUATION, PErception Distortment & CHANGE IN IDEOLOGY))) "GOOD BLESS US, SCREW EVERYBODY ELSE"

Blessed Beyond Measure
Sharing the Joy

What we've done
We're always doing something, but probably we've just lain down and taken a nap, or watched something on t.v., or emptied the dishwasher. I try to write about the other things we do. So grab a tinto and enjoy.

Four Writters Club (Yes, it is spelt as Writters Club, not Writers Club)

Skinner Family
The Family is of God.

The blog that went down

Aaron Rogers

The Crowell Clan
Our Life's Little Adventures

The A-List
A woman searching for what the hell she's supposed to do in life... but trapped in a world of desire for designer jeans, makeup, philanthropy, and faith.

Zime Ilustraciones

The Blatter Family

Empty nest
"Cherish forever what makes you unique, 'cuz you're really a yawn if it goes!" ~Bette Midler~

**4 Ever Breathe**


At home with Ian
NO LONGER spending ANY MORE time with my unwanted guests cancer and chemotherapy

Catching Our Breath
On living with asthma

Move Along, Nothing to see here
(This blog was true to its name: it had a photo of a gate with a "CLOSED" sign on it and nothing else! The caption below the photo read "For Renovations, well maybe even a new site. I don't know, SOMETHING!")

Jo Blogs
CFS Recovery is Possible

Both wine and bread at confirmation were fake and this small site might just attract others that experienced the same. Critical voices? Those that participate? Who knows. For those that find sympathy with a walk on the wild sides of life, mountains, rivers or forests but do not pretend to escape. Other bits and pieces the news and also odds and sods that cry out "leave it off mate". Justly a lark and maybe the lark. But the lark will often land on the cactus.

SAHM Feminist
Ramblings from my life

The Marshall Family
I'd like to curl up in a sunny spot and take a nap.

Kerry and Megan's Newest Adventure

Roots & Wings
Honoring my roots, flexing my wings

My husband grows cotton
Random chronicles and photos about a Farmwife.

At Full Capacity

Bountifully Blessed!

The perambulations of Barkfoot

A little ole place to sit and reflect awhile, whilst the world races around outside and passes you by,....!

Free Flan (the socially awkward dessert)
A blog about life, love and the pursuit of Joe Jonas

My thoughts, poems and short stories

The Sharp End

The World of a Breathless Miss



Random thoughts of kindness

The Lindmark Family


The 'whys' that don't matter anymore

The Codielee Edition
Where life, love, art, rodeo {& everything in between} collide

My Life, Right Now

Waiting for directions
My attempts at waiting well

Change Management Blog
Change is a State of Mind.

Let´s /b/log in
This blog was created to be a part of our project.

Diseño de Programas en Orientación Educativa
Asignatura de 5º de Psicopedagogía. Universidad de Vigo.

TSL 641: Computer Assisted Language Learning
This is the class blog for the students of TSL 641: Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), ED220, B.Ed TESL, Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Section 17, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

After this blog, I was taken back to the blog just before this one on my list. So, because of the repeat, I stopped surfing for the day. Hope you enjoyed this account of my random surfing! I certainly enjoyed looking at random websites which I would otherwise have probably never visited. My random surfing today took me about 90 minutes. Maybe I will take some time off each day to do this kind of random surfing. Blogger is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you are gonna get!!

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