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Monday, May 24, 2010

A Cover Can Make Your Pickup Truck Look Sporty (And Save On Gas Too)!

I have always been a fan of the increased flexibility that a pickup truck provides over a regular car when it comes to cargo space. Several years back, when I was shopping around for my first vehicle, they did not have too many extra-cab pickup trucks, so the flexibility in terms of cargo space came at the cost of not having enough passenger room.

But recently, more and more pickup trucks have been designed with extra cabs so that they seat 5 or 6 passengers comfortably. The bed size has decreased a little because of the addition of the extra passenger seating, but they still offer much better cargo carrying capacity than cars and vans. So, I have been thinking seriously about pickup trucks as a possible future buy when I am in the market for a new vehicle.
Access Tonno Sport
A friend of mine recently went further than that, and actually did buy a new pickup truck. He told me his wife and kids were a little put off by it initially, but now they have also come around, and I am using their example to try to convince my wife that traveling around in a pickup truck is not as bad as it sounds!

But my friend did have a problem with his pickup truck: he was not getting good gas mileage out of his truck, and its bed was getting dirty with all kinds of debris falling in it, and not being cleaned out regularly. And he could not leave anything in the bed because it was unprotected both from curious passersby as well as the elements.

I suggested that the best way to address all of these problems would be to get a good cover for the truck bed like the access tonneau cover. These are high quality covers that protect the pickup truck's bed from falling debris and dirt. They also give one a place to store things in the bed, secure and out of sight of prying eyes. And it gives the truck a really sporty look too. But, more important than all that to me, they improve the gas mileage of the pickup truck significantly because they smooth out the airflow around the bed of the pickup truck (some people achieve close to the same effect by lowering the tail gate of the truck when driving around, but this does not look good, and there is a good chance the tail gate will get damaged bouncing up and down while driving around).

So, now my friend is busy shopping around for a cover that meets his needs and fits his budget. I am curious as to what he will get, and how much he agrees with me after that about the benefits of a cover. He is really into his pickup truck ever since he bought it, and I think he is going to end up spending more on accessories for his new toy than he spent on buying the truck in the first place!


husky floor mats said...

I can't read articles online all the time, however, I'm happy I did today. This is extremely elegantly composed and your focuses are very much communicated. Kindly, absolutely never quit composing.

Anonymous said...

Tonneau cover is a nice accessory for the truck. I have one on my vehicle too. It's a good way to cover the bed area especially when I have stuff placed in it. It also keeps the things you placed in the bed in protected from direct sunlight.

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