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Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Good Web Hosting Solution Is Very Important To The Success Of Your Online Business

A friend of mine recently confided to me that he was thinking of starting a website. He was coy about the details, but I think he is thinking of going well beyond blogging (like I am doing). I think he has decided that there is a fortune to be made selling something online. But he did not come to me to ask for advice about what to sell or how to sell it. What he wanted was my advice on web hosting for his new service.

I decided to do a little bit of research before giving him advice that would turn out wrong later on. He needed a hosting solution that would be reliable, allow commercial traffic without limits, and be reasonably priced so that he could afford it.

After analyzing several offerings in this space, I told him that his best bet was probably to sign up with a company called Superb Servers. Superb's dedicated server hosting is based on servers in multiple datacenters for redundancy and data backup. Superb provides clients a 100% up-time guarantee on dedicated hosting.

I told my friend that if he did not want or require dedicated hosting, he could opt for managed hosting solutions offered by Superb. Essentially, this allows Superb to manage the servers while you are free to concentrate on running your business. You do not need to know any of the technical details associated with running a server, customizing a server, monitoring a server, backing it up, patching it up and so on and so forth. Superb's engineers manage the server and take care of all the nitty-gritty behind making sure your website is available to your clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while you take care of the nitty-gritty of making sure your website attracts traffic and enables you to do enough business to pay the bills!

In case my friend's business grows big enough that he starts investing in his own infrastructure in terms of servers and other hardware, Superb also offers colocation services that will enable him to send his servers to Superb and have them house the servers in secure, temperature-controlled, enterprise-class facilities. That way, he does not have to rent office space and his own engineers to take care of these servers. He can have the advantages of running his business off his own servers while taking advantage of Superb's expertise in housing and managing them.

My friend is more of a business-oriented person than a technology-oriented one. So, he always comes to me for advice on technology matters like what electronics to buy, what computers and software to buy and use, and so on. I am glad he came to me this time also because it is possible he could have signed up with some fly-by-night web-hosting service out there if he did not realize how important that choice was to the overall success of his venture. He had no idea until he spoke to me how the internet works and what kind of infrastructure goes into running a website.

Many hosting solution providers exist out there, and it is easy for technologically non-savvy people to be fooled into signing up for services with a company that does not offer a full range of services that enable one to grow a business seamlessly as time goes on. As your business becomes ready for the next level of hosting solution, you want your hosting service provider to be ready for that and have the sophistication and expertise to take you to that next level. Superb is one of the more sophisticated hosting solution providers out there with solutions that cater to businesses in different stages of their life-cycle. After all, spending a lot of time dealing with problems and headaches caused by your hosting provider can take the fun out of starting an internet business really fast!


host said...

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radhika sharma said...

The features included in them makes the web hosting services good rather than the name of brand or other added services. On using the services and getting better outcomes makes them more reliable and efficient for the use.
Thanks for this article. Very useful information is kept with it.
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