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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is SubmitEdge Really An Ethical SEO Firm? You Be The Judge!

Every website owner has probably heard about search engines and search engine optimization (SEO), not once, but multiple times. Getting your website into the search engines and then having the search engines deliver you high-quality, targeted traffic is the holy grail for any website in the increasingly competitive and crowded world of websites.

Search engine optimization has usually meant manipulating the automatic algorithms used by search engines to rank web pages, and getting your site more visibility than your competitors' sites. Most firms that started offering SEO services specifically targeted the weak spots in the ranking algorithms used by the different search engines, manipulating them into favoring your website. Usually, they achieved this by using techniques that put more emphasis on fooling the search engines than on utilizing the strengths of your website to get it the visibility it deserves.

The disadvantage with such manipulation techniques is that once the search engines became more sophisticated and discovered these manipulative techniques, they changed their algorithms, changing the way they rank websites. Websites that had built up their strength naturally and legally retained their visibility, while sites that had used shady techniques lost ground. This lead to SEO firms getting a bad reputation overall, and SEO in general was considered unethical and manipulative.

But SubmitEdge is part of a new wave of resurgence in SEO firms that offer "ethical" SEO services. What does ethical in the context of SEO actually mean? SubmitEdge goes about SEO the right way. Rather than trying to fool search engines into ranking your site higher than your competitions', SubmitEdge researches your site and finds out your site's strengths and weaknesses. Not only do they provide feedback for helping you correct your site's weaknesses, but they also customize an SEO service that leverages the strengths of your site to get it noticed by search engines more prominently.

Part of that commitment to ethical SEO is the use of manual labor in almost every step of the process rather than robots. SubmitEdge uses humans to submit your website to various directories of sites around the internet. They use humans to review your site and submit it to article sites. They use humans to write blog posts that review and provide links to your sites. They use humans to do research into manually compiled directories like DMOZ so that the submission of your site is within the directory's submission guidelines.

Unlike other shadier SEO firms, they do not guarantee your site a particular page rank or search position on search engines. Such guarantees are typically met by manipulating the search engine in the short term, but in the long term they tend to hurt your site once the search engines get wise to the manipulation. SubmitEdge also does not use link farms or link exchange techniques that require your site to host links to other sites on the web. Such techniques can also have an adverse effect on your site's rankings with the different search engines.

SubmitEdge's services are reasonably priced, and they have good descriptions of each service they provide, sometimes with detailed FAQ's. For instance, not many outside the SEO industry may have heard of article submission. SubmitEdge does offer an article submission service, and has a detailed description of what article submission is and how it helps your site's search engine ranking.

Their site also has testimonials from real website owners talking about the good job SubmitEdge did for them. These are not anonymous testimonials, but testimonials that include the website and full name of the owner who used SubmitEdge's services. But, don't take my word for any of it. You owe it to yourself to visit their website and take a look around yourself.

SEO firms have had a shady reputation in the past because of their unsavory tactics. Ethical SEO aims to correct those excesses so that the emphasis moves away from tricking and cheating to lobbying and influencing. SubmitEdge is certainly worthy of consideration if you have shyed away from SEO in the past based on the general reputation of SEO firms. SubmitEdge can optimize your website's position in search engine rankings and get your the visibility you and your site deserve. And in the ultra-competitive world we live and do business in, it certainly helps to have a good SEO firm on your side!


Anonymous said...


You have a nice blog. Multiple ip hosting is the latest successful method in SEM. Multiple domain hosting helps your website to get quality backlinks from different ip addresses. This definitely helps with website ranking.

Zed said...

I have just paid them for directory submission, the service is awful. my main problem is that so far I have received over 100 rejections and only 34 accepted, the main reason being that the stated submission to general directories included hundreds of niche that my site has no relevance to whatsoever. I put posters up for fairgrounds and Circus and they have submitted my site to sports and medical directories. I have complained but they are refusing to do anything about it and keep stating that they submit to general directories.

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