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Friday, June 4, 2010

15 USB Flash Drives That Could Make You Hungry!

USB flash drives are some of the most ubiquitous USB devices around. Most of us are content to tote around a standard, boring USB flash drive, but there is actually no shortage of flash drives that are designed to satisfy your hunger for whimsy. Here are in fact a few USB drives that might satisfy more than your hunger for whimsy: they may get you thinking about satisfying your real hunger too!

Let us start with some breakfast, shall we?

Croissant USB flash driveLooks yummy with all that cream cheese overflowing from the insides, doesn't it? Bupkes Bakery will be happy to sell you one that can hold anywhere from 1GB to 64GB of data!

Chocolate donut USB flash driveOr how about a chocolate donut? You can also get a strawberry donut if you think chocolate is too rich for you!

Let us start lunch with a light appetizer.

Breaded shrimp USB flash driveHow about some fried shrimp to get your juices flowing? You can get shrimps with capacities all the way up to 32GB, breaded and fried to that perfect golden color . . .

As for the main course, how do you fancy a hamburger or perhaps a cheeseburger?

hamburger USB flash drivecheeseburger USB flash driveJust make sure you don't drool over your keyboard thinking about eating your flash drive!

hot dog USB flash driveA juicy hot dog might be just as tempting too!

sub sandwich USB flash driveNot healthy enough for you? How about a sub-style sandwich then?

Maybe you are in the mood for some lighter fare . . .

sushi USB flash drivesHow about some sushi? That spread should cover the most picky sushi-eater's tastes!

dim sum USB flash driveOr perhaps, you are more of a dimsum person . . . Solid Alliance used to sell these, but not anymore. But if you search hard enough, you might be able get this or something similar from somewhere else.

As for dinner, here are your specials for the evening . . .

barbecued pork USB flash driveThere is barbecued pork, or if you choose, you can also get chicken wings or drumsticks too! But barbecued pork is the lightest of the lot though, at just 17grams!!

pizza slice USB flash driveAnd, of course, there is always the perennial favorite, pizza!

Now, we move on to dessert.

fortune cookie USB flash driveThis is just the ticket if you are watching what you eat. And you have the chance to store your own fortune (in the form of your precious data) inside this cookie too! But if a plain fortune cookie is just too, what shall we say, plain, for you, then there are blueberry, strawberry and green tea fortune cookies too!

Cake Royale USB flash driveBut we do have a more sumptuous choice too: Black Forest Cake Royale, as pictured above. You can also get strawberry torte, fruit plate or French mille-feuille if chocolate does not do it for you!

magnum ice cream USB flash driveOr perhaps, you are in the mood for some frozen treats. The magnum ice-cream bar would be just what the doctor ordered in that case!

watermelon USB flash driveBut, perhaps, a slice of low-calorie, delicious, all-natural watermelon will make you feel less guilty about having dessert!

Speaking of food, we obviously don't want rover wolfing down any of your food (or data), so here is a flash drive designed specifically man's best friend, in the shape of his favorite food: a juicy bone.
dog bone USB flash driveIf you are in school, storing your homework on this flash drive could enable you to claim (honestly) that your dog ate your homework too, or at least chewed on it enough make it impossible (or too gross) to retrieve! The drive is also available in pink should your dog be fashion-conscious, and shun the plain white one!!

Now, the title says 15, but there are 16 flash drives pictured here. So, what gives? Well, only 15 of them are supposed to make you hungry. The last one is supposed to make your dog hungry, not you! My most sincere apologies to any dogs that are reading this!!

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