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Friday, June 25, 2010

16 Stealth USB Keys For The James Bond Wannabe!

If you have ever wanted to be a secret agent a la James Bond, you might want to have one of these USB flash drives handy. These are USB flash drives that are made to look like something else totally innocuous. Sometimes the purpose is to make them look more aesthetically appealing. And sometimes, the purpose is to create a device that serves multiple purposes. But others just seem to have been created just so that they don't look like USB flash drives. If you do get one of these, make sure you don't break any laws or regulations by sneaking them into places where USB flash drives are not allowed!

Tiny USB flash drive
It is hard to find a USB flash drive smaller than this one. Just the size may be enough to make this a stealth flash drive. It may not even be visible when connected to a computer!

red crystal heart USB flash drive
Crystal ladybug USB flash drive
Crystal heart USB flash drive
Jewelry, especially flashy specimens like the ones above, can also be good places to hide a USB drive discreetly! Obviously, this works better for women than men unless you are a rap star!!

Lipstick USB flash drive
Lipstick in a handbag works reasonably well to conceal a USB flash drive too.

Wristband USB flash drive
black wristband USB flash drive
And if you are a child, you might be able to get away with wearing colored wristbands! Maybe, even if you are not a child, you can claim that colored wristbands are the latest fashion accessory, and see how naive the security personnel are!! And if you are not a big fan of bright colors, you can get them in plain black too.

Cross USB flash drive
Here is some unisex jewelry that men who don't normally indulge in bling can feel comfortable in!

Pen USB flash drive
wrist watch USB flash drive
Swiss Army knife USB flash drive
Lighter USB flash drive
You don't have to panic if you are a male who does not usually wear jewelry. Here are some practical designs that hide a USB flash drive in things that men (and women) can reasonably be expected to have on them.

Wine cork USB flash drive
Eraser USB flash drive
Carabiner USB flash drive
Battery USB flash drive
Here are some more cleverly disguised USB flash drive. They are clever but not foolproof though. "Excuse me sir, why are you carrying a wine cork in your pocket?" "Ah, well, it is a lucky wine cork. I never leave home without it!" Yeah, right!!

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