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Friday, June 18, 2010

17 USB Keys With Character!

These are USB flash keys that are based on characters in real life, movies, books, popular culture, etc. I call them USB keys with character for that reason. The list of possibilities here is endless, and if you can think of some character, you can probably get a picture of that character on your flash key. But I am more interested in highlighting flash keys that have something more to them than simply a picture of some character on them. Here are some flash keys that satisfy my picky tastes in this respect! Enjoy!!

thriller usb keyThe Thriller key is a Sony production. It comes pre-installed with Michael Jackson's Thriller on it (hence the name, obviously). This key will become a collector's item soon (if it hasn't already), so don't be the only Michael Jackson fan left without one!

transformer USB keyTransformer stick is a cool and fancy USB stick that transforms into a panther.

statue of liberty USB keyThis patriotic USB key will accept all your data, regardless of where it is from. If your data is looking to emigrate to the computer of opportunity, this is the flash key to move them in!

Star wars USB keysStar Wars keys make an ideal gift for the Star Wars fan in your family or at work!

C3PO USB keyAnd if you are a fan of the machines in Star Wars rather than the creatures in it, here you have the C3PO USB flash drive!

Rocky III situps USB keysIf you are fan of classic movies, but not the Star Wars variety, fear not! Here we have Rocky III themed USB keys (Rocky, Apollo Creed or Clubber Lang doing sit-ups) that actually move!!

sitting robot USB key
sitting man USB key
sitting girl USB keyThese are USB keys that don't do sit-ups, but do sit up when you want to use them with your computer!

Barbie USB keyBe careful when you use this USB key lest you traumatize young kids with your brutal handling of Barbie! Don't worry, the head goes back on, making Barbie whole again after she is done with her data transfer duties!

panda USB keyThe same caution goes for users of this panda-bear shaped key too! Be assured, no real pandas were harmed in the making of this key, and none will be harmed in the use of this key either!!

robot USB keyThis is a robot-themed USB key but probably not as cute as C3PO!

mikan seiji USB KeyThis is Mikan Seiji, also known as the Mandarin Alien. Don't worry if you are mystified, it is supposedly an anthropomorphic tangerine from outer space that does not seem to have become very popular outside Japan!

comic book characters USB keys
bears USB keyscomic book characters USB keysThese are some more USB keys based on popular characters, primarily comic book characters.

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