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Friday, June 11, 2010

17 Whimsical And Creative USB Drives

These are some USB flash drive that prove that there is no dearth of creativity when it comes to creating unique and offbeat designs for them. None of them in this installment are likely to get you hungry, so it is safe to read this post even if you are hungry! Some of them are practical, others are just plain goofy. Either way, each of these is a sure conversation-starter!!

real thumb driveFirst we start with a creation that takes the concept of a thumb-drive way too literally. Be careful when you use this drive and shield it from your more sensitive co-workers! You do have to admire the creativity of the designer of this and give it at least one thumbs-up if not two!!

inflatable flash driveIf your flash drive runs out of memory, you may not be able to do much about it, but people can never complain that your flash drive is too small when you use one of the drives above. As you fill them up with data, they expand, and then you run out of space just before they explode (thankfully)!

syringe USB driveinjection USB drivestethoscope USB drivePill USB drivemedical alert USB driveSperm USB DriveHere are some USB drives created specifically for doctors. The last one in particular is not designed specifically for doctors, but it might be more of a conversation starter (and an uncomfortable one at that) than you bargained for if you are not a doctor though! It was actually handed out at the American Society For Reproductive Medicine's (ASRM) 2008 conference.

necktie USB DriveBlack Shoe USB DriveRed Shoe USB DriveSandal USB Drivering USB DriveOr maybe, you are into wearable USB drives. In that case you have your choice of ties, shoes, sandals and rings above!

Tree Stump USB DriveNature lovers will absolutely love these wooden flash drives. You can get these in several different tree types to go with whichever species you love to hug!

Lacie Key USB Drivekey-shaped USB DriveThese are two more literally interpretive designs of USB flash keys - keys . . . Get it?

credit card USB DriveAnd finally, once you are done spending all your money on fancy looking USB drives, you may be left with only a credit card USB key rather than a real credit card!


Hilary said...
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Custom Logo Design said...

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