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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Are You A Woman Living Alone In An Apartment Complex?

Written by guest blogger Elizabeth Pherson.

As a woman living alone in an apartment complex, I have always been concerned about my safety. I usually work late hours and coming home alone at night is a big concern for me. Recently, I activated a free alarm provided by the property manager. It gave me a sense of security but there are other things that I do for safety also.

One thing that has really helped me is making friends with my neighbors. They know when I am not home and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Neighbors learn your schedule and habits so they tend to know when something is not right.

If you use the laundry room at your complex, try to avoid it at night when not many people are around. It is usually noisy and nobody will hear if something dangerous is happening. If someone attempts to talk to you that you do not know, be weary of them. They may be seeking personal info for identity theft. In essence, stay alert, avoid dark places alone, and get to know your neighbors. They can be a valuable asset in your continued safety.

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