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Monday, June 7, 2010

Blogger Is Down And Will Not Allow Me To Complete My Draft Posts Before Publication

Blogger has been having problems since yesterday evening. Initially, the entire site was down, but after about 12 hours, parts of the site came back up. I can see my posts, and edit them, but I can not save changes or publish anything. Even worse, incomplete posts that were scheduled for later are getting online at the appointed time even though I am unable to complete them, correct them or otherwise change them in any way (I can not even change the scheduled time for these posts).

So, my half-completed post on using the date-picker in Microsoft Access is online, but obviously incomplete. I have been trying to complete it since yesterday evening, but have been stymied by the outages. I will complete the post as soon as Blogger allows me to. In the meantime, your understanding as to why the post appears the way it does is much appreciated.

I guess I should be thankful that the blogspot domain itself is not in any way affected by this outage. But depending on how long Blogger keeps me from correcting draft posts and getting them ready for public viewing, I may not be quite so thankful!

Update: As of about 3:00 PM Central Time, Blogger came back up and enabled me to complete my Access post, including uploading of images to it. So, I am back in business for the most part. But that was one scary long outage!

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