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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Am Special - Even My Computer Needs To Be Custom-Built

Buying a computer always brings up so many questions and choices. It is a lot of fun because I love computers and working with them, but it can also be a chore sometimes because there are so many choices to make. And sometimes, making a choice can mean making a compromise.

I am very picky when it comes to getting a computer. When I start planning to buy a computer, I start making a list of what I want on my next computer. The list starts out small and sometimes grows to a half-dozen or more essential items. As technology progresses, the list evolves. And sometimes, it becomes difficult to locate a computer with all the features on the list.

I realized a while back that the websites of the big box retailers was not a good place to start when shopping for a computer. The run-of-the-mill computers sold by such retailers is OK for people who just want to use a computer to check email and surf the web, but not for picky shoppers who use the computer the way I do.

One of the best places I have found recently where I can custom-build computers to my specifications and have them built specifically for me is Howard Computers. Howard Computers sells all kinds of technology products. In addition to selling brand-name computers like Lenovo, Acer, etc., they also sell their own line of computers.

Howard sells 3 lines of custom computers. If you want a custom computer, you first choose between the 3 lines. One line emphasizes price over power (Logic systems), another emphasizes power over price (Choice systems), and the third is an affordable compromise between the two (Merit systems). Once you pick the line and the base model you want to work with, you can change various specifications like the CPU speed, RAM, disk space, etc., to suit your custom needs.

The 3 lines of computers work whether you want custom laptops, desktops or servers. If you are like me, and are shopping only for a custom laptop, Howard gives you ample choice and customization to work with. This is important for a picky computer shopper like me who is familiar with technology, and the ramifications of choosing one technology over another in a computer.

Computer shopping threatened to turn into a chore for me, but discovering Howard Computers has been a shot in the arm to my efforts at getting just the perfect computer for my needs. I will certainly be keeping tabs on my options at Howard Computers as I get closer to actually buying my computer. And if you are particular about your next computer and its configuration, you too should take a look at Howard Computers and their line of computers.

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