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Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Daughter Helps Me With My Vacation-Planning!

My entire family has now gotten into the vacation-planning mode. They are diligently going through hotel listings, reading through reviews and coming up with suggestions for me to consider. The latest suggestion came from my daughter, whose pick was The Horizon resort (accessible through their website at

By all accounts, The Horizon is a very good Myrtle Beach hotel. The resort boasts 143 condominiums with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms each. It has its own water recreation plaza (with indoor and outdoor pools, and a lazy river), luxury kitchens in every condominium, complimentary internet access, etc. As a guest, you also have access to over 80 golf courses, with golf specials and custom golf packages. The golfer in me would be hard-pressed to ask for more!

And Horizon also seems to be near the top of the Myrtle Beach best hotels list, if not at the top, going by the guest reviews on the site. I have emphasized the importance of independent reviews to my daughters, and she has taken the lesson to heart. In fact, the first thing she showed me about the resort was the page with independent reviews! So, my vacation-planning is turning out to be a good educational experience for my daughters too!

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