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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Friend Turns The Tables On Me With His Own Research!

I wrote a while back about this friend of mine who wanted to start his own website and was looking for good hosting providers. Before I made a recommendation, I obviously did some research on the internet by going to different hosting providers' sites and comparing their features against each other.

But I was not successful at actually locating any independent review sites for hosting solution providers. It was perhaps my choice of search terms on Google or some other problem, but I had to rely on my own interpretation of what hosting providers said about themselves to come up with my recommendation.

I love independent reviews because they reflect the actual experience of users rather than some company's self-promotion of itself. Anybody can claim anything about themselves, but the users are where the rubber hits the road. At independent review sites, they tell you how well somebody stood behind the promises they make on their own sites.

Through some combination of luck and perseverance, my friend actually managed to locate a site that has independent reviews of hosting providers. I had told him before I gave him my recommendation that I was not able to locate any such review sites, and to therefore take my recommendation with a grain of salt. He couldn't stop feeling proud about himself for besting me in a domain in which I am considered an expert and he considers himself a novice!

He is a good-natured guy, but you could just see the pride in his eyes when he presented his discovery to me with the implicit suggestion that he was now ready to become my mentor and guide me through the treacherous waters of the internet! Well, I must admit, I had the tables turned on me there, and he deserved to lord it over me for at least a few days. Maybe I will have better luck next time when he comes to me for suggestions regarding some other technical issue!

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