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Monday, June 28, 2010

Watches Top The List Of Functional And Stylish Accessories

I have never been one to put a high value on flash. I prefer substance to flash, and go for function over form every time I have to make a choice on something. That may be one of the reasons I have not invested in overpriced accessories like an Iphone, or an Ipad. I don't wear jewelry and when I do wear one, I wear a beat-up old pair of sunglasses that nobody would mistake for the latest fashion!

So, I did not pay much attention when everybody crowded around a new watch a friend of mine had bought recently. Everyone was oohing and aahing at the features of the watch while I continued watching television during the party at which all this was going on. My friend was basking in all the attention and showing off all the features of the watch.

Eventually, everyone went off to do other things in the party, and I found myself alone in the company of this friend just by chance. I had gotten a little curious about the watch that everyone was admiring, but did not want to admit that I was curious. So, I feigned ignorance and asked him what everyone was doing around him earlier in the evening (even though I knew perfectly well what the object of all the curiosity was).

My friend then showed me an elegant stainless steel watch with a black leather strap. It had silver face with silver hands and 3 inset black dials. My friend explained that the watch was water-resistant to 100 meters, and had a chronograph, a 24-hour subdial and a date window. I was duly impressed, and asked him who the maker of the watch was. He told me it was a Jacques Lemans watch.

I wear an old digital watch with a velcro strap on my hand. It has no brand name on it (or if it did, it has worn off, the watch is that old), and has the basic functions you would expect a watch to perform (shows me the time and date, and has a stopwatch). I don't remember when I bought it, but it might very well be near the end of its useful life. Should I skip the Walmarts and Targets of this world and head off to a jeweler to splurge on a high-end timepiece? It is certainly tempting, given that a watch is both functional and stylish. So, even my left brain, that values function over form, is not offended by the notion of splurging for a watch as opposed to some other kind of jewelry that is just supposed to look good!

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