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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Dozen Weird And Wacky USB Flash Drives

Here are a set of USB keys that are creative in their design, but end up being weird or creepy. Why anyone would design a USB key to look like one of these is a question you are tempted to ask over and over again as you look at these odd USB keys.

We start with a USB key that comes in the form of a plush teddy bear. But to use it, you have to tear off the teddy's head to expose the USB connector. This is obviously not very suitable for use if you have young children around!
Teddy bear USB KeyTeddy bear USB key
Next, we move on to a design that takes the term "thumb drive" too literally. Can you imagine how some unsuspecting person might react when they see you pull out a severed thumb from your pocket, or see one sticking out of your computer?!
Thumb drive
This is the rubber chicken USB flash drive. Not suitable for use at work (at least most offices I know of)! Enough said!!
rubber chicken USB flash drive
This seems like a pretty harmless USB drive shaped like a dog. But once you plug it into your computer, the fun starts (yes, it actually moves). Once again, not suitable for work, unless your workplace is very casual and permissive! It is available in regular dog, dalmatian and siberian husky varieties!!
Humping dog USB flash drive
Maybe this will appeal to you if you are a fan of the Texas chainsaw massacre movie. Otherwise, having a bloody chainsaw sticking out of your computer might just be very weird!
Chainsaw USB flash drive
This one is only mildly weird. Perhaps, you think your USB drive is worth its weight in gold! Or its contents are as valuable as gold. It is still a little weird in my opinion!!
Gold bar USB flash drive
This is a USB key that doubles as a bottle opener! I really don't want to speculate on the need for such a dual-use USB flash drive. But then, it might appeal to people with stressful jobs!
Bottle opener USB flash drive
Here, we have the clothes line clip USB flash drive. Why you would want to hang your clothes out on a line with a USB flash drive is anybody's guess! At least, if you wash your clothes with this USB flash drive in the pockets, you have something ready at hand to use for drying out the clothes as well as the flash drive!!
Clothes clip USB flash drive
This is for fans of nostalgia out there. Or you can use this to fool people into thinking that your computer is capable of reading cassette tapes. I can only hope that the data retention and integrity of this USB drive are not as bad as that of actual cassette tapes!

"This Gigantic Robot Kills" is the sixth CD by nerdcore musician MC Lars (real name Andrew Nielsen). Unless you are fan of this musician or this album, it is difficult to understand why you would invest in such an unwieldy USB flash drive!
This gigantic robot kills USB flash drive
Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. Build a USB flash drive in the shape of a mousetrap, and the world may or may not beat a path to your door! I have no idea whether this mousetrap even works, except for catching the stray byte trying to escape out of your USB port!!
mouse trap USB flash drive
I guess if your workspace is a little dinghy and could use some extra lighting, this USB flash drive could serve the purpose quite well. Maybe you can use it to document and store all your bright ideas!
lightbulb USB flash drive

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