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Friday, July 2, 2010

I Got My Nephew Back, Thanks To Axis

Thank you to guest writer, Rebecca F. Henry, for this post.

A few months back, I lost my nephew to alcohol and drug addiction. He had just graduated high school and showed a lot of promise in college. But he fell in with the wrong group and got led down the wrong path, ending up in drug and alcohol-induced daze that I thought he would never recover from.

But, thanks to Axis, which runs residential treatment centers for alcohol treatment and drug treatment, my nephew has become his old self again. My nephew can not believe that he wasted a valuable and precious year of his life living from one high to another, willing to go to any lengths to feed his addictions. He swears his tenure at the Axis alcohol treatment center has enabled him to break his destructive habits, and return to a normal life.

Lots of young people nowadays make the same mistakes my nephew did. Drugs and alcohol are becoming easier to access for young people, and are hooking young people at the most vulnerable time of their lives - just after they leave home and start living independently. The endless cycle of abuse and addiction seems unbreakable, but I have found out that all hope is not lost.

Alcohol rehab and drug rehab do work when given a chance. Axis uses a 12-step therapy program combined with a personalized treatment plan to address these addictions. Axis' professional staff are dedicated to returning their patients to society as fully productive, law-abiding citizens. The residential format of the program also makes a big difference in the outcome.

We recently celebrated my nephew's 19th birthday with a big party. He later admitted to me that it is the first party in a long time that he has actually remembered after the event. He has decided to refer to it as his first birthday party, marking his rebirth after leaving the real world behind during his journey to his own personal hell and back. He swears he has not touched a drop of liquor after his successful treatment, and can draw on his counseling to break any temptations he faces in the future. It seems as if I have truly got my nephew back, thanks to Axis!

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