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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Light And Durable Fiberglass Planters Can Be Elegant Too

In an earlier post I talked about the advantage of having window box planters to give your whole house a cheery look. My wife, who is in charge of all gardening at home given my black thumb, usually does not use anything except ceramic or clay pottery for her planters. The problem with these materials is that they break easily and have to be handled carefully. But they have an elegance that has been difficult to achieve with other materials - until now.

My wife has become a recent convert to fiberglass. She located an online retailer called ePlanters who specializes in planters of all shapes, sizes and materials for all kinds of plants. In particular their selection of fiberglass planters has caught my wife's eye. Fiber glass planters have always made sense to me because of their durability. They do not break or rust. And they are much lighter than other materials. There is nothing to beat fiberglass for strength in their weight class either.

In the past, a fiberglass planter has been easy to spot because of the design and color characteristic of such a planter. But it is not your grandfather's fiberglass anymore. My wife admits that she would have a hard time distinguishing a newer fiber glass planter from a ceramic planter without touching it. You get these planters in an amazing variety of designs of colors. Many of these designs, colors and textures make it virtually impossible to distinguish them from ceramic, metal or concrete planters.

The lighter weight of fiberglass planters makes them easier to ship to the customer, cutting costs for ePlanters, which is then passed on to the customers. Moreover, customers save more because fiberglass planters last longer and do not have to be replaced as often as ceramic pots that are liable to breakage or metal planters that are liable to rust and corrode. Switching to fiberglass planters is therefore a smart move that is likely to be profitable in the long run. With their new looks that make them every bit as elegant as ceramic planters, there is really no reason not to switch to them.

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