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Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Friend Is Happy With His Web Hosting Provider - So Far

It has been a while since I spoke to all of my friends. I usually talk to them once or twice a week, but between my vacation, and being extra busy at work after returning from the vacation, I haven't had time to make phone calls like before. But, yesterday, I spoke to my friend who was looking for a good web hosting provider for his new online business.

I asked him how things were going in that area. He is not making a lot of online sales right now. After all, the business is quite new and does not have much name recognition. Moreover, it is quite a niche business (he is using his website to attract management consulting clients for long-term engagements). But his website has been behaving quite well, and he is happy with his choice of providers.

He had done a lot of research in addition to his conversations with me, and had located some good resources for web hosting rating. Based on independent reviews of providers he had chosen one that seemed to have a good reputation for being responsive to their clients' needs. He had also located a good guide to the whole web hosting business and used it to his advantage to figure out what he should do at every stage of the growth of his business. So, it looks like he is fully prepared for whatever is ahead for his business.

I told him about my vacation and we spent some time talking about my experiences in Peru. As I spoke to him, he asked me for photos, and I was reminded once again of the slow pace at which I am organizing the photos and putting them up online. I am very good at talking and explaining things orally, but I get lazy when it comes to writing things up. I told him I would try to get on it soon, and share things with everyone more quickly. Oh well, I guess that means he, and a lot of others, are waiting for more photos and explanations of all my adventures on my vacation, and very soon too! Time to get cracking, I guess!!

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