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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peru Vacation Day 1: Now For The Photos!

Here are some pictures from the first day of my vacation to Peru. The day was mostly spent traveling from Washington, D.C. to Lima, as explained in this earlier post.

Great Circle Map IAD-SAL-LIMFirst for a map of the route we took: IAD-SAL-LIM. The map is courtesy of the Great Circle Mapper.

IAD aerotrainThis is the new Aerotrain at Washington Dulles Airport.

IAD B ConcourseAnd it took us to the B concourse of IAD, which is festooned with multi-colored flags from different countries!

TACA A321 seat back pocketThis is a closeup view of the seat back pocket on our aircraft. It is all plastic and of fixed size. Good luck fitting anything into it that is more than about half an inch thick!

TACA A321 interiorThis is a view of the interior of our aircraft from the back of the aircraft. Notice the overhead video screens every few rows.

TACA A321 WingAnd this is a view outside the aircraft. This is an Airbus A321 aircraft. Did you know that the A321 (like most other commercial aircraft) carries most of its fuel in its wings? This aircraft, according to the in-flight magazine, has a fuel capacity of 7,051 gallons of fuel!

Lunch on flightLunch is served!

Tamarind Banana JuiceAnd this is my tamarind banana juice. Ummm . . . Yummy!

San Salvador Airport ConcourseA view of the main concourse of San Salvador airport. Notice the shops lining the central corridor. The elevated moving walkway in the middle of the concourse was not working.

San Salvador airport aircraft at gateA view of an aircraft parked at a gate at San Salvador airport. The gate areas at the airport have large glass windows from which you can get good pictures of aircraft at the gates.

San Agustin Colonial Hotel, Lima, beds
San Agustin Colonial Hotel, Lima, TVHere are a couple of views of our hotel room in Lima, at the San Agustin Colonial. Notice how there are no tables in the room apart from the one on which the TV is sitting (unfortunately, the hotel had not yet installed wall-mounted LCD TV's yet). The small bedside tables do not have a clock or other goodies like a writing pad and pens, etc. Did I mention that this was not a 5-star hotel?!

San Agustin Colonial Hotel, Lima, bathroomThis is the bathroom. Notice the raised shower area on the right hand side. Peru hotel bathrooms, in general, do not have vent fans. In this case, there was a window above the shower area that could be opened to ventilate the bathroom. There are no shower caps provided.

San Agustin Colonial Hotel, Lima, 3rd floor corridorThis is the corridor leading from the elevator to our hotel room. We were on the third floor of the hotel (there was some kind of banquet hall on the 4th floor, but no guest rooms higher than on the 3rd floor). Notice the steps you have to climb up and down to get from the elevator to the hotel room. As I said, not very handicapped-friendly. The walls had framed, antique-looking oil paintings on them.

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