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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Peru Vacation Day 1: Quick Update

This a quick update on how the vacation is proceeding. When I have more time, I will write in a lot more detail with photographs and what-not. I have no idea when and where I will have an internet connection, so I will write up these short updates whenever I can.

After traveling throughout the day, we have reached Lima on the first day of my Peru vacation. We started out of Washington's Dulles airport at 11 in the morning and reached Lima via San Salvador at about 9 PM.

We flew TACA airlines from Washington, Dulles to San Salvador and then from San Salvador to Lima. Both flights were ahead of time, and there were no problems anywhere. San Salvador airport was a surprisingly modern airport with tons of stores and a layout that allows for easy connections and transfers. Lima airport is practically indistinguishable from high-end European airports like Frankfurt. Large, modern and quite efficient too, with no lines, no waiting and no hassles.

We were picked up at the Lima airport by a driver and taken to our hotel. The hotel is a charming old hotel in the heart of Miraflores. The room is tiny, but comfortable. The room and bathroom are clean and well-maintained. The shower is wonderful, with abundant hot water and a shower head that produces more water than the Niagara falls during flood time!

We have managed without knowing much Spanish so far. People have been friendly and willing to make an effort to communicate in English with us. I have tried out a little Spanish, but I have found that the other party's English is much better than my Spanish in most cases, so it has been more efficient for me to stick to English!

It is now time for me to retire so that I am all set for my Lima city tour tomorrow morning. It is a good thing there is pretty much no time difference between the midwest and Lima, so at least there is no jet-lag to contend with!

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