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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Peru Vacation Days 8 & 9: Quick Update

These were the last two days of my excellent vacation. On the first of these days, we traveled back from Puno to Cusco by bus. We had nice comfortable seats on the bus, and the road was better than we expected. But I do have the answer as to which is better for enjoying the scenery, the train or the bus: The train wins hands-down. I will provide details when I post a full report on this day's activities.

As for the content of the trip itself, the bus has other things beyond scenery to recommend it. We stopped at 5 places on the way to see interesting things. We even got to play with a baby alpaca and feed it milk with a feeding bottle. It was so cute! We also stopped for about an hour for a nice buffet lunch. The bus ride is about the same length as the train trip, but if you take out the stops, the bus is much faster than the train.

The last day of my vacation was spent flying back home. All the flights were on-time or early. The food on the flights was decent, and our baggage made it without incident along with us. Nowadays, when you fly, what more could you ask for?!

It has been a hectic day today, recovering from the vacation. I finished unpacking today morning. None of the curios bought in Peru had been damaged except for a couple of pieces that had nicks, etc. One cheap handicraft had a break, but the pieces were found easily and they stuck together perfectly with crazy glue, so it looks as good as new now!

I just finished catching up on half my emails. I have to catch up on the rest of my emails, then catch up on what has been happening with my project and other stuff at work. As always, the hardest part of vacationing is the planning, and then the recovering! If the planning is done well, the actual vacation is a breeze. The recovering is always painful, and no amount of planning or preparing can make it more tolerable. Oh well, maybe one day I will win the lottery, and then I can go on a long vacation from which I never have to return to work!

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