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Friday, July 9, 2010

Research For One Vacation Proceeds During Another Vacation

So, here I am in Peru, having one of the best vacations of my life. But I have unfinished business to take care of in terms of completing the planning for my Myrtle Beach vacation. One of the important attractions of the Myrtle Beach area is the huge number and variety of golf courses. And a good vacation to Myrtle Beach is not complete without a few rounds of golf if you are a golfer.

Myrtle Beach Golf Packages (through their web site at has come in very handy in my research into golf courses at Myrtle Beach. The problem is that Myrtle Beach is home to several dozen world-class golf courses. How do you figure out which ones to play on, how much they cost, what tee times are available, etc.?

That is where Myrtle Beach Golf Packages comes in handy. They have extensive information about
Myrtle Beach golf courses on their website. Their handy table provides information on whether you can walk a course, and also provides links to tours of the courses when they are available. You can also get all course details like the architect, the number of holes, even the type of grass, etc.!

This has made it easy for me to do all kinds of research into
Myrtle Beach golf packages even while I am running around seeing the sights in Peru. I don't need a huge chunk of time set aside to do little bits of research at a time because of the way the information is organized and available at your fingertips thanks to Myrtle Beach Golf Packages. I am sure this will enable me to use my down-time during my vacation (believe me, I have very little) productively.

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