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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Start Or Grow Your Coin Collection With WholesaleCoinAndMore

Collecting coins has been as old a hobby as coins themselves. With runups in the prices of most metals used to make coins, coin collections have become much more valuable. With no letup in the inflation of prices of metals like gold, starting a coin collection now can be quite lucrative in the long run.

But, there are many dealers of coins out there, and not all of them can be trusted to supply coins for your collection reliably. Having coins of a wide variety in good condition is essential to growing the value of a collection. WholesaleCoinAndMore is a reputable dealer in coins that can satisfy your need for excellent quality as well as enormous variety.

WholesaleCoinAndMore sells a large variety of commemoratives, proof sets, US mint sets, and bullion, in both gold, silver and other precious metals. They have been in business since 1975, and have built a reputation based on the quality of coins sold as well as their legendary customer service. Every order comes with a 7-day return period for a full refund. They accept money orders, cashier's checks and even personal checks for payment in addition to credit cards.

If you are not into collecting coins, you can still use their services for building up a collection of bullion to diversify your investments, as I have written about earlier. WholesaleCoinAndMore sells palladium and platinum bullion in addition to the better known silver and gold bullion. You can buy coins and bars of these precious metals, and profit when the prices of these precious metals rise, as they have been doing the past few years.
historic gold price chart
The accompanying graph shows the price of gold over the past 10 years, and illustrates the explosive growth in the value of this asset over time. A reputable dealer like WholesaleCoinAndMore can let you accumulate gold reliably over time to profit from this trend in rising prices of precious metals. Many companies will take your money in exchange for sending you gold certificates that assert your ownership of gold. The physical gold stays with the company issuing the certificate. These companies justify this practice by claiming that the gold is safer in their vaults and safes rather than in your possession. But what happens if the company suddenly faces financial problems or failure? It is important that you have the gold you have paid for in your possession. WholesaleCoinAndMore does not deal in gold certificates. They deal in physical gold which they will ship to you once you pay for it. Thus, when you need it, your gold is in your possession, not in the form of certificates, but in the form of coins or bars. That is another important thing to consider when choosing where to buy bullion from.

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