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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stop Flushing Money Down Your Toilet!

When we recently redid the master bathroom at home, we decided to replace the existing sink and toilet bowl because they were quite old. We went shopping for replacements, and one of the things that we saw in the stores was new water-saving toilets that provide dual-flush capability.

Before buying something, we decided to do some research on water savings, and how the new toilets achieve what they claim to do. We came across this site during our research that allows you to convert your existing toilet into a dual flush toilet. The dual flush conversion kit website has detailed instructions on how to install their kit to convert any normal toilet into a water-saving dual flush toilet.

The dual flush toilets we saw in the home improvement store always seemed to be much more expensive than regular toilets. And the economics make sense. A regular toilet can use 3 to 5 gallons of water per flush, while a low-flow toilet can take as little as 1 gallon per flush. The savings add up, as detailed in the page on the site devoted to an explanation of how to save water. But, I was glad I did the research before we bought something at the store.

Ultimately, we decided to buy a regular toilet, and then use a dual flush retrofit kit to make it a high-efficiency toilet (HET toilet). The total cost works out much cheaper than buying a HET toilet from the store directly. I am quite handy with this kind of task when given detailed instructions. I have done toilet repairs to fix leaky toilets before. So, I am all set for a DIY project that will enable us to save money now, and save money down the road too.

If you have a regular toilet that uses a lot of water per flush, you might want to consider the dual flush retrofit kit too. Not only does it save water (and money) with each regular flush, it also enables you to save even more water by using less water to flush when you don't even need a full flush. You can save as much money as the kit costs in less than a couple of months of use, and the rest of your savings are pure gravy on top of that. It is great way to be environmentally conscious while saving yourself money at the same time.

We will be doing the retrofit for the rest of our bathrooms too even though we will not be replacing the toilets in those bathrooms. The dual flush kit comes with detailed instructions that make the change easy to do. The site also has detailed instructions and pictures of how to do it. Saving resources and money starts with small steps like these. The savings add up, improving your quality of life, and making you feel good about making a difference to the environment too!

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