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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Safety Tips For Children Staying Home Alone

I appreciate the guest post, Isaias Valenzuela

One of the major safety concerns for parents, during the summer, is how to keep the children safe when they stay home alone. The first response to this particular response is to install a Home Security alarm system. This is a very important safety addition, but it is not the only adjustment that is needed.

Another safety concern for children staying at home alone is fire safety. Make sure that the children understand how to keep the stove area clear when cooking. Make sure that they understand that in order to put out an oil fire you smother it. This is done by putting the top on the pot and removing it from the heat. Also, never leave the kitchen while cooking.

If you have a gas stove there is the risk of gas poisoning. It is imperative for the children to make sure the stove ignites when they turn it on. If they do not, then the house will fill with gas. Teach them what gas smells like, and to open the doors, windows, and go outside until the house is cleared. Reiterate not to turn on a light switch because it can cause an ignition.

Last, but not least, tell the children not to fall asleep with appliances turned on. Never leave the curling iron plugged in. Don't play with matches, and don't light candles.

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