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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

There Is No Rule Against Medical And Lab Uniforms Being Fashionable!

A new school year means new annual checkups for my kids. It is a routine I am used to by now. The school sends me a form for each of my kids every year that I have to get filled out by their doctor and return to the school before they open in the fall. It is also a good time for their doctor to review their overall health as well as bring them up to date on any shots they need, etc.

But this year, it was slightly different, in quite a positive way. Usually, the nurses and doctor at the clinic are dressed quite staidly and conservatively. Everyone knows what a medical scrub or nursing uniform looks like. But the doctors and nurses at the clinic were dressed in multi-colored, fashionable scrubs this time. At first, I was just a little surprised, but did not say anything to anybody. But, later, when I got a few minutes alone with a nurse who was looking over the notes in my daughters' files, I complimented her on her stylish scrub hat and asked her what was going on.

She was eager to admit that they were new, fashion-conscious scrubs produced by this company called Blue Sky Scrubs. She said they were unique and I should take a look at their website myself to understand. It turns out the blue sky scrubs story is indeed unique. I have no idea why nobody has thought of this before. After all, it is not as if there have never been fashion-conscious men and women in the medical profession until now.

In any case, the site is very interesting, with an eye-catching collection of medical scrubs, nursing uniforms, scrub hats, etc. in different colors and patterns. The company offers free shipping on all orders over $155, and also offers the peace of mind of a 90-day return period. They also offer gift certificates, so you can be subtle about hinting to the doctor or nurse in your life to switch to a more fashionable line of work clothes!

Unfortunately, I don't work in the medical profession. I don't wear a lab coat in the normal course of my work either. But, I will certainly consider this place seriously when it comes time to pick out a good halloween costume for my office halloween party this year! And if any doctor or nurse deserves a special thank you from me, I know just the right gift that will be appreciated by the wearer as well as their patients.

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