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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Train Yourself To Teach Other Doctors - The Right Way

Being a good doctor is one thing, but being a good teacher for other doctors is a totally different thing. Teaching requires special skills that are not normally taught as part of making someone a good doctor. It is the same in almost all fields, whether it is medicine, engineering, science or art.

A medical teaching course like that offered by Oxford Medical is one solution to the problem of being trained specifically to teach other doctors. This teach the teacher course includes education on the theory of adult education, how to deal with difficult students, presentation skills, etc., as part of the curriculum.

In addition to classes on teach the teacher, Oxford Medical also has other courses aimed at doctors. They also publish test preparation and study guides to prepare doctors for interviews with the National Health Service (NHS). All of Oxford Medical's courses, including their medical teaching course for doctors, have been validated by external assessors, and come with recognized certifications.

If you are interested in career development, and want to branch off into fields related to medicine, such as teaching medicine, time management, presentation skills, consultancy, etc., you owe it to yourself to take a look at the course catalog of Oxford Medical, and see how their offerings fit in with your career aspirations.

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