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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Want To Know More About Web Hosting Than You Ever Wanted To Know? Read On!

I wrote earlier about how choosing the right hosting solution is important to ensuring the success of your online business. At that time, I had never given any serious thought to hiring a hosting service for my own website. I had done very little research on hosting service providers and the types of solutions they provide.

Since then, I have taken a little more time to do some research into the issue. It is not that I need a hosting service provider right away or anything like that. But my naturally curious nature could not stand the fact that there was such a big gap in my knowledge and understanding of what has become an important part of our daily lives - the internet.

I started reading anything I could find on how websites are hosted and managed, and how the worldwide web is constructed, one strand at a time. One of the resources I have used for this research has been a website called Web Hosting Fan.

Web Hosting Fan is an interesting website, with a deceptively low-key presence. The front page makes it look like a blog with articles about web hosting posted mostly on a daily basis. But once you start exploring the site, you find that it is quite a complete and thorough resource for learning a lot about web hosting.

In addition to the informative blog posts on the home page, they have pages devoted to reviews of several web hosting providers. The front page also ranks web hosting providers and has a list of the top 10 hosting providers. The reviews are arranged alphabetically, and provide a wealth of information about plans, prices and other details about each hosting provider.

In addition to blog posts authored by Web Hosting Fan itself, the website also offers other experts in the area to share their knowledge and expertise with Web Hosting Fan's audience by authoring guest blog articles. Suggested topics include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging, domain names, web development, etc. If you are an up-and-coming professional in these areas, and need exposure to build up your reputation and name-recognition, authoring guest articles Web Hosting Fan's blog may be something you want to consider.

But, if you are just looking for information, like me, then reading the articles on Web Hosting Fan, along with their reviews, is useful to build up your knowledge of this area of the internet. I am glad I found this site, and hopefully, I will be better able to help somebody else who comes to me for advice in this area in the future because of this website.

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