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Friday, August 20, 2010

Add Charm To Your Yard With Stone Benches

My wife and I were walking through the park the other day when we found an artistic arrangement of park benches on the grass next to a walkway. We found it very relaxing to sit on these benches, remove our sandals and wiggle our toes in the moist, cool grass. When we got back home, I wondered aloud whether it was possible to create such an area in our own backyard. After all, we had enough grass in our backyard, all we lacked was the benches to sit on!

It turns out, it is possible - and quite easy to do too. is a site dedicated to selling beautiful stone benches in various styles, shapes, sizes, and materials direct to the public. The benches are shipped for free, and you can put them up in patios, grassy areas, along walkways or wherever else in your house you want to add some charm.

Pretty much all of these benches can be used as garden benches. They are ideally suited for placement under shade trees in gardens and yards so that you can relax on them. Some of these stone garden benches also come in sets and ensembles that include the bench and other elements like tables, planters, etc. This can add to the elegance and utility of these benches.

All these benches are made of natural materials like granite, basalt, sandstone, limestone, etc. They have beautiful carvings that evoke an old-world charm and elegance rather than the tackiness often evoked by fading, chipping and cracked benches made of plastic of other artificial materials. The benches require practically no maintenance, and can withstand outside weather for years with no visible aging. also makes themed stone benches that can be used to commemorate events like weddings. They also make inspirational and religious stone benches that can provide more relaxation than what you get just by sitting on a bench in the serenity of your yard. And if you have a loved one or a pet that you want to remember fondly on an objet d'art that will endure the ravages of time, take a look at the memorial benches offered by

We have a large, shady maple tree in our front yard, and my wife and I agree that its shade will provide an ideal setting for a great-looking, rustic stone bench. The question that is likely to take a little longer to resolve is which exact bench to get, given the large variety. We have to agree on a material, a style, a size and whether we want a single bench or a complete ensemble. Maybe I should make the selection process much quicker and less stressful by just asking my wife to pick one without discussing it with me. After all, she will ultimately get her way anyways, why delay the process and inject stress into it?!

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